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Mukawa boxes are one of the most commonly used and sought after in the luxury packaging industry. They differ from others in the thickness of the material and production methods.
Мукавата е трудна за сгъване, затова се изработват канали, благодарение на които кутията може да затвори страните си.
The stamp is printed on chrome paper, which is most often 170 grams, then it is laminated (glued) onto the paper. This paper can be used on the outside and inside of the box to give brands more opportunity to put key messages and graphics throughout the package. The advantage of chrome is its flexibility, thanks to which laminating is easy at any place on the package without gaps.

1. Structural architecture

Structural advantage

Mukawa boxes offer a structural advantage over other types of packaging, which is why they are so common in cosmetics, electronics, liquor boxes and other luxury industries.

The luxurious mukawa packaging adds extra value to the product. They can easily distinguish the content from other materials in stores by their design and appearance of premium quality. When the item is packaged with the right materials and structure, resulting in it arriving in excellent condition, it will leave a lasting good impression.

2. Magnetic closure

Някои клиенти предпочитат да добавят магнити за затваряне, което е предимство при избора на мукава като главен материал, тъй като друг не позволява употребата им. При производството се добавят щанцовани дупки с точен размер, в които се пъхват магнитите без да има опасност от изпадането им. Те се заглавят в направеното място за тях, след което кашираният материал ги запечатва заедно с мукавата.
The advantage of the magnetic closure is that it gives the package an even more luxurious look and security.

3. Inserts

Cardboard, foam, EVA foam inserts can be placed in the mukawa boxes, which can be covered with satin if the customer deems it necessary. This allows the products to be arranged in an elegant way, which gives a luxurious look and a great feeling to the customer when opening it.

One of the things that customers want from luxury packaging is that it is easy to open while maintaining its elegance. The special colors, coatings and styles give freshness to the boxes.

Custom jewelry boxes are gaining popularity worldwide. Companies can choose their preferred colors in bold or muted tones in superior designs, themes and elegant additions to create great packaging that elevates the brand name.

4. Vision

The box should be attractive enough at first glance to make the customer want to buy the item.

There are many ways to personalize luxury boxes, such as adding images, company information and logos, as well as any other product specifications.

The different finishing processes of the case give it a finished look. These can be warm printing (most often gold and silver), matte or glossy laminate, pregge (3D relief), etc.

5.Specialized packaging

Jewelry packaging offers an unforgettable unwrapping experience. Jewelry sales increase around the holidays, so appropriate packaging should be prepared for them. As the packaging is print-friendly, modern offset printing techniques can be used on it to create exquisite finishes through various effects.

Jewelry does not need a second wrapping as a gift. The box itself is well made enough to give a precious impression and protect the product from harm. It shows customers whether the company is ahead or behind in the industry.

Jewelry packaging boxes must provide maximum security for the items placed inside. It is important to give exact dimensions when ordering packages to avoid moving the contents to any of the walls of the box. Sometimes inserts made of foam, cardboard and even fabric are placed to reduce the chance of any kind of injury.

Mukawa boxes should make customers feel important and valued. They should be designed stylishly and carry a sense of luxury to enhance the interaction with the buyer.

6.Innovative technologies

Custom luxury boxes are ideal for high-end items. They can also be used for branding and promotional activities as well as luxury gift sets. The advantage is that they allow them to be designed in different styles and shapes depending on the product. The attractiveness of the box can enhance the brand image of the company. The use of an eye-catching design should be appropriate for the company's branding strategy, exuding quality and style.

Specially designed mukawa boxes are usually used for expensive products, such as jewelry, electronics, designer clothing, etc. They can provide extra protection and give products a luxurious feel.

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