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Types of printing


Polykart Ltd. manufactures different materials and offers a variety of stamps to make the product more attractive and finished. We have a wide range of spectacular prints - UV varnish, pregge, relief print, etc.

Offset printing

This printing technology is suitable for cardboard and paper, as it allows printing in large quantities.

The printing of the machine is carried out by an ink roller, preparing an aluminum plate, a cylindrical body, a rubber canvas, which transmits the image by pressure on the material.

Digital stamp

Digital printing directly transfers the image from the material file by pressing the toner and is suitable for small print runs and small sizes. The procedure is quick and gives excellent quality.

Digital technology eliminates the need for offset plates and rubberized cylinders. The image is printed directly using toners or liquid inks. Once applied, the ink is absorbed onto the paper through a high temperature treatment.

Screen printing

This printing method differs with the use of a screen, the printing being done by filling the holes in the screen with ink. Screen printing is suitable for corrugated cardboard, plastic, leather and other materials. This allows for the customization of various advertising materials on which no other type of printing technology can be used.

This printing method is used more limitedly than offset, but therefore this technology is applicable on more materials, including souvenirs and promotional items.

Hot stamping

To make a warm print, you need a colored foil that is adjusted on the machine, a metal cliché with a text or logo, which, by pressing on the foil, prints the desired on the material. This method gives a metallic hue that cannot be achieved with any other technology. It is desirable that the material used is not too thin like paper.

This technology is chosen by many customers because it gives their packaging an interesting look that attracts attention and creates a more luxurious brand image.

Dry print - pregge

Dry pregge, also known as 3D relief, is a method similar to hot stamping. Through it, the images acquire a "living" form. Here, metal pregge is used, which allows writing without inks by leaving a relief impression by pressure.

This method gives a different look. It can be used on an advertising box for the company logo, thus it will attract the attention of customers, especially if the product is sold in a window shop.

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