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Printing house "Polykart OOD", together with "Packaging EU", is located in the city of Kostinbrod. It offers the production of packaging, boxes, labels, envelopes for all the needs of various events. The main materials used for the production of these products are paper, cardboard, mukawa and corrugated board.
The company holds certificates for international quality standards ISO9001, environment and clean energy ISO50001, recycling ISO14001.

Price and quality

We want our products to be of excellent quality. Our offers are final priced with no hidden extra costs. We are prepared for every industry.

3D Models and Design

"Polykart OOD" has a 3D printer that projects real dimensions, therefore we offer 3D visualization, projection, design and construction. We create a 3D web sample to the client's specifications, in real sizes with workmanship and design.

Preparation according to your needs

Our team carefully considers your needs, wants and preferences.

We offer a wide range of packaging of all kinds for different types of production and products. Customized packaging made to order with various impressive prints such as embossed printing, different types of laminates, hot printing, additional coatings such as gloss and matte.

Spectacular seals

Spectacular stamps serve to create a wonderful personalized packaging that stands out in the window and gives a more sophisticated look to the packaged products. They are of several types, such as:

  • Complete UV varnish - matte or glossy, one-sided or double-sided
  • Glossy laminate - matte, holographic, metallic; unilateral or bilateral
  • Partial UV varnish - gloss, matte, embossed, brocade, hybrid; unilateral or bilateral
  • Hot stamping and pregge - hot stamping, dry pregge, 3D embossing + hot stamping, 3D embossing, liquid metal; the foil can be glossy or matte

The advantage of different types of effect stamps is that they can create a variety of boxes and packages with different and interesting styles.

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