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Gold hot stamping chocolate box

High quality cardboard chocolate box with added black CMYK or Pantone printing and gold hot stamping to create a more luxurious look.

Archival cardboard box

Cardboard archival box in various sizes white in stock

Brown postal envelope

Kraft paper envelopes in stock in various sizes

Laminated fast food box

An internally laminated box for any fried food and with a seal on the outside.

Flower petals

Small colored notes for quick and important notes.

White self-adhesive envelope for letters

Plain white letter envelope in stock in various sizes.  

Round silver coasters

Round silver coasters in stock from mukawa with the ability to manufacture with gold laminate to order and a corrugated or mukawa base. The pads can be of different sizes and shapes as needed by the customer.

Cube with flower leaves

Cube with colorful leaves for quick notes.

Hamburger box

Fast food box with all the necessary requirements and certificates for quality and contact with food. With the possibility of various types of spectacular and custom stamps.

Fast food plate

Our fast food products have all the necessary food contact certificates. Spectacular stamps, relief varnish, samples on request.

Cake box - gold

Cake box with gold coating and internal laminate suitable for food contact. Different sizes in stock and the possibility of making a product to order.

Cardboard box

Cardboard box with window and printing to order size and assignment with inner laminate suitable for food contact.

Colored envelopes

Standard and non-standard sizes of envelopes in stock and to order, with the possibility of different types of stamps and designs of the customer's choice.  

Bank envelope

Bank envelope in standard and non-standard sizes with the possibility of printing and spectacular design to order.

Sony Playstation 4 Dualshock Controller