Non-standard packaging according to the customer's order and preferences, cutting with the possibility of making and pre-printing a spectacular design in various sizes.

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Two-piece white box

Two-part microcorrugated box with glued lid, coated with Chrome 170 g on the outside and Pantone stamped.

Pocket kraft paper

Pocket of kraft paper in various sizes in stock and to order, with the possibility of printing and design of your choice.

Cardboard box

Cardboard box with window and printing to order size and assignment with inner laminate suitable for food contact.

Cardboard box with stamp

Cardboard box with double sided Pantone print and added gold heat print. The box is fully collapsible without gluing.

Microcorrugated boxes

Micro-corrugated boxes laminated on both sides with printed glossy chrome paper.

5 piece candy box

Candy box with laminate mat, consisting of 5 parts. The box is suitable for direct contact with the candies.

Jar box

A microcorrugated jar box that protects the contents until they are safely transported.

Box for a bottle of alcohol

One-glue folding carton for bottle with seal and laminate mat with comb bottom.

Cake box - gold

Cake box with gold coating and internal laminate suitable for food contact. Different sizes in stock and the possibility of making a product to order.

Box for three bottles

Box made of microcorrugated cardboard, coated with Chrome 170 g and added window, suitable for three bottles.

Tea and herb box

Cardboard box with custom print and window to view contents.