We offer standardized packaging in stock and to order in various sizes with and without printing according to the customer's choice, effective printing, glossy or matte finish.

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Брандирана Кутия

Брандирана Кутия, изработена от микровелпапе по желание на клиента.

White Cake Box with Handle

White cake box with handle with printable in stock in various sizes.  

Pocket - Kraft Paper

Pocket of kraft paper in various sizes in stock and to order, with the possibility of printing and design of your choice.

Cardboard Collar

A cardboard belt with digital printing and a single adhesive that is placed on the boxes, additionally holding the lid and preventing the risk of opening.

Basket - White/2 Pieces of Cake

White cardboard basket in stock with the possibility of printing for sweets or pieces of cake.

Крафтова Торбичка с Дръжки

Крафтова Торбичка с усукани дръжки от същия материал за многократна употреба.

Box - Color 200 x 105 x 55 mm

Cardboard box for sweets with the possibility of adding a print on the outside. The box is without gluing, but fully assembled by hand.

Box for Desserts

Dessert box made of high quality cardboard with printing and added gloss laminate on the outside.

Box for Pastry

A small colourful one-piece box for cake and other sweets, assembled with one gluing.

Box for Sweets

One-piece folding pastry box with stock print, suitable for pastry makers.

Cake box - White

Unprinted cake box white outside, gray inside in stock or custom printed.