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Inner Laminated Box

Internally laminated box for hot or cold food with the possibility of printing to order.

Дизайн на Опаковки

Дизайн на Опаковки, изработен по поръчка или предоставен предварително от клиента в криви.

Cardboard Box

Cardboard box with or without custom printing with single glue , matt or gloss laminating coating with the possibility of custom made , spectacular design and more.

Cardboard box

Cardboard box with window and printing to order size and assignment with inner laminate suitable for food contact.

Boxes for Cosmetics

Cardboard boxes for cosmetics with different types of design and spectacular seals to order.

Alcohol Bottle Box

Folding carton box for bottle with one glue seal and laminate mat with comb type bottom.

Кутия за Подарък

Кутия за Подарък по поръчка в различни размери с възможност за добавяне на топъл печат и вложка.

Box for Popcorn

Popcorn box with or without printing with the possibility of different types of spectacular stamps and designs. Standard, in-stock, certified food access products.    

Box for Tea and Herbs

A cardboard box for tea and herbs with custom printing and a window allowing the contents to be viewed.  

Box of Two Parts

Two-part cardboard box (bottom and lid) with double-sided printing and added laminate mat.

Kraft box with Warm Seal

Prefabricated two-piece kraft box with stamp and added spectacular hot stamp in pink on the lid.

Microcorrugated box

A microcorrugated box can be used in cases where customers want to transport something safely or to ensure product protection.