Packaging Polykart offers varieties of corrugated packaging in different cuts and sizes both in stock and to order. with the possibility of printing and design.

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Брандирана Кутия

Брандирана Кутия, изработена от микровелпапе по желание на клиента.

Two Piece White Box

Two-part white microcorrugated box with adhesive lid, chrome plated 170g on the outside and Pantone stamped.

Бяла Кутия с Лого

Бяла Кутия с Лого, изработена от микровелпапе, каширана с хром.

Дизайн на Опаковки

Дизайн на Опаковки, изработен по поръчка или предоставен предварително от клиента в криви.

Laminated Box

Brown/white microcorrugated box with laminated Chrome 170g on the outside and stamped, leaving the white part of the corrugated inside to keep the luxury look.

Laminated Microcorrugated Box

Laminated microcorrugated box with custom chrome print, suitable for shipping.

Corrugated boxes

Corrugated cardboard boxes, laminated on both sides with printed chrome paper.  

Кутии от Велпапе с Печат

Кутии от Велпапе с Печат в различни размери и дизайн по поръчка, подходящи за транспорт.

Boxes from Microvelpape

Micro-corrugated boxes laminated on both sides with printed glossy chrome paper.

Box for Wine Bottles

Printed microcorrugated wine bottle box suitable for safe transport.

Corrugated box with lid

Corrugated box with handles and separate lid, suitable for transport or storage.

MVP Box with Laminated White Kraft

A microcorrugated box laminated with white kraft and added black printing, suitable for transport purposes, keeping the contents intact.