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Gold backing

Gold pads various sizes in stock

Gold pad - round

Gold round coaster with serrated ends in stock in various sizes and to order.

Gold pad in stock

Gold laminate mat in several sizes.

Square pad 250 x 250 mm

250 x 250mm square gold cake stand in stock and made to order.

Square mat with silver laminate

Square coaster with silver laminate and scalloped sides.

Round thumb pad

Yellow round placemat with a thumb for a pastry or cake.

Round silver coasters

Round silver coasters in stock from mukawa with the ability to manufacture with gold laminate to order and a corrugated or mukawa base. The pads can be of different sizes and shapes as needed by the customer.

Pizza mat

Pizza mat in different sizes without print

Pad in stock in several sizes

Cake mat in stock with silver laminate and gold laminate option Ф8, Ф9, Ф10, Ф18.

Silver round pad

A round coaster with serrated edges and with silver laminate for the finish and mucova for the base. The pad is in stock and can be manufactured with gold plating.

Cake mats

Cake mats in different sizes and types of laminate (gold and silver) in stock and to order and preferences.