Packaging Polikart offers various advertising products and packaging in various sizes with spectacular designs in stock with the option of glossy or matte finish.

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Business Flyers

To make business flyers, it is necessary to use high-quality cardboard that can be printed with any technology.

Two Piece White Box

Two-part white microcorrugated box with adhesive lid, chrome plated 170g on the outside and Pantone stamped.

White Bag with Twisted Handles

White bag with custom twist handles in various sizes and designs with the option of various fancy stamps.

Pocket - Kraft Paper

Pocket of kraft paper in various sizes in stock and to order, with the possibility of printing and design of your choice.

Cardboard Box

Cardboard box with or without custom printing with single glue , matt or gloss laminating coating with the possibility of custom made , spectacular design and more.

Cardboard Folder

Custom printed cardboard folder suitable for small and large to store drawings and documents.

Cardboard Collar

A cardboard belt with digital printing and a single adhesive that is placed on the boxes, additionally holding the lid and preventing the risk of opening.

Laminated Box

Brown/white microcorrugated box with laminated Chrome 170g on the outside and stamped, leaving the white part of the corrugated inside to keep the luxury look.

Craft Box

A small box made of kraft cardboard with a print that creates an interesting look on this material.

Boxes for Cosmetics

Cardboard boxes for cosmetics with different types of design and spectacular seals to order.

5 Piece Candy Box

Candy box with laminate mat, consisting of 5 parts. The box is suitable for direct contact with the candies.