Transport boxes according to the purpose of the products with or without printing to order and in stock with the possibility of spectacular and luxurious finishing works.

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Two-piece white box

Two-part microcorrugated box with glued lid, coated with Chrome 170 g on the outside and Pantone stamped.

Cardboard box

Brown/white microcorrugated box with laminated Chrome 170g on the outside and stamped, leaving the white part of the corrugated inside to keep the luxury look.

Laminated microcorrugated box

A microcorrugated box with laminated print on chrome, suitable for transport.

Corrugated boxes

Micro-corrugated boxes laminated on both sides with printed chrome paper.  

Microcorrugated boxes

Micro-corrugated boxes laminated on both sides with printed glossy chrome paper.

Box for wine bottles

A printed microcorrugated box for two bottles of wine, suitable for safe transport.

MVP box with laminated white kraft

A microcorrugated box laminated with white kraft and added black printing, suitable for transport purposes, keeping the contents intact.

Microcorrugated game box

One-piece microcorrugated box, assembled for play with a custom print set.

Box with lid

Transport box made of microcorrugated cardboard, laminated on both sides with chrome paper and added laminate mat.

Corrugated cardboard transport packaging

Custom self-adhesive microcorrugated transport box for books or clothes.