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Archival Cardboard Box

Archival cardboard box with added metal elements in various sizes in white color or custom design.

Bank Envelope

Bank envelope in standard and non-standard sizes with the possibility of printing and spectacular design to order.


Notebook with color sheets of color offset for quick notes in stock and on order.

Business Flyers

To make business flyers, it is necessary to use high-quality cardboard that can be printed with any technology.

Binder with Seal

Binder with printing and added metal elements on the sides to order with a different advertising design.


Any company letterhead to fill in, available from stock or to order.

Drawing pad

Drawing pad with white or cream leaves and cardboard covers - white/grey in stock.


People are increasingly choosing brochures for their advertising materials. They are small and convenient to fold and store.

White Cardboard Envelope With Self Adhesive Sticker

White microcorrugated envelope in various sizes with self-adhesive and printable.

White Square Envelope

White square envelope with added adhesive tape on the lid, suitable for classified mail.

White Envelope with Triangular Lid

White secret envelope with triangular lid from Offset 80 g and self-adhesive with dimensions 120 x 180 mm in stock.

White Self-Adhesive Envelope for Letters

Plain white self-adhesive envelope for letters in stock in various sizes or color to order.